A to Z – Delivery

D is for delivery as in the delivery of my birthday present courtesy of an Amazon gift card given to me by my youngest and his girl.
It’s a heat press and it goes hand in hand with the Cricut these same wonderful children gave to me for Christmas. Basically, for those of you who may not know, the heat press will allow me to personalize many, many things. T-Shirts, clothing, baseball caps, handbags, pillows, quilts… The list goes on and on and I’m super stoked about all of the possibilities.

I have to say tho. With the arrival of this new toy, I think I am set on craft projects for the moment. Between the heat press, the Cricut and sewing my crafting calendar is full!
We had a beautiful 70-degree day here and now we wait for the rain and that’s okay. With any luck, the vinyl I ordered online will be in and I’ll be making t-shirts and tote bags! And gifts for all occasions!
I’m trying not to get too immersed in the news lately but holy smokes. I’m praying for those affected by the chemical attack in Syria. And because I don’t know a whole lot about it. I won’t say any more. Just sending prayers and as always, praying for our President and all world leaders, and for peace. I mean we’re all in this together, right?

Here’s to a peaceful weekend ahead for you and yours.
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13 thoughts on “A to Z – Delivery

  1. Karen, the heat press was a really cool birthday gift, enjoy! 🙂

    That chemical attack in Syria was horrible and heartbreaking. I believe that monster dictator did this to his own people. No one should wonder why so many flee that country. 😦 So sad. Yes, we need prayers for peace, lots of them. We are all in this together, you are so right. I love Mimi’s quote for the day.

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    1. Thank you JLil. I really cannot wait to get started! – As for the chemical attack. I suspected it was an inside job. It’s absolutely despicable and ya’ know what? If they can do this to their own people they could/would just as easily do it to us.

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  2. Thoughtful gift! I loved my heat press when I was using it. I sold it when we moved and was sorry. Hang onto yours! 🙂
    The world is going to hell in a hand basket!

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    1. I know! I am going to have so much fun with this Joanne. The toughest part will be keeping myself in the HTV vinyl because it can get a little pricey but from now on out that’s going to be at the top of my “Mom, what do you want for your bday, Christmas, Mothers Day..” 😀 – Made my first shirt this morning!


  3. My heart goes out to the folks in Syria. Sigh. And the quote at the end of your post is so very apt! I love that you got a heat press. Just last month, when I made a trip to Ranchi (East India), I saw one at a stationery shop and was fascinated. I thought, omg, if i had one, the possibilities? Would love to see your creative results! Hugs!
    Only E and already tired you know. We’re enjoy some extremely warm weather that makes me feel like just vegging out in front of the tv with something really cold to drink.

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    1. Mine too Vidya. I’m not a fan of injustice anywhere in this world and especially if it involves women and children.. – I am absolutely loving this heat press. I made my gr.daughter a t-shirt this morning. Super proud of myself. 🙂 You really should get one because yes, the possibilities are endless. 🙂 – Okay, go ahead and veg because of that hot weather but do not drink that white stuff with the green leafy stuff in it! There is no way I could ever even put it to my lips. 🙂


  4. What a great gift for you. You’re the crafty person and love this kind of thing. I’m terrible at crafts. It’s pitiful when I try to do a craft. Pitiful.
    Yes the Syria thing is more than awful. These kinds of things are happened way too often.
    Have a fabulous day, Karen. ☺

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    1. Yes it was and yes I do! My whole family is artsy fartsy. It’s relaxing to me. 🙂 – That chemical warfare.. So scary and could so easily be done here. I hope President Trump acts wisely with this whole mess. He appears to be but who knows what will come of it.

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