A to Z – Crust

Okay, first of all, seriously, there really is a quote for everything.
Second, a late post but I’m still getting it in because I will not be defeated by the A to Z Challenge!
Third, crust, or the objection thereof, is seriously one of my pet peeves.
I totally witnessed this the other day at the store.
A grown ass woman standing at the deli asked the deli lady if all of their sandwiches had the crust on them. Not even kidding. The deli lady very politely explained that all of their sandwiches are pre-made, ordered in bulk and come with the crust on. The grown ass woman gets pissed and says, “I guess I’ll have to go to a real deli then.” And off she went in a huff.
Here’s how that scenario would’ve played out had I been the deli lady.
Grown ass woman – Do all of your sandwiches come with crust on them?
Me – Um, yep. As you can see our sandwiches are not wrapped in steel. They are wrapped in plastic wrap, plastic wrap that you can see through. So yes. Yes, all of our sandwiches do come with the crust on them.
Grown ass woman – I guess I’ll have to go to a real deli then.
Me – Well I guess you will. A real deli that doesn’t happen to be in the middle of an Albertsons’ grocery store!
And PS honey. You’re a grown ass woman. Not a five-year-old.
Clearly, I do not play well with others.
I’m guessing this whole “I don’t like the crust” thing starts in childhood, at least I’m hoping it does…
My kids never fussed about the crust on their sandwiches but they did ask for them to be cut into “butterflies.”
– Corner to corner at all corners. –
I did, however, witness other kids fussing about the crust on their sandwiches. They’d whine for their moms to cut it off and seriously, a couple of the kids had total meltdowns that the crust was even on to begin with!
So, here’s my question to all of you.
Crust or no crust on sandwiches?
If a little kid was at your home eating a sandwich and threw a fit about having crust on his/her sandwich would you cut it off for them?
I seriously want to know.
A busy day makes for a long day which makes for a late post. I hope you’re all enjoying your week thus far and that it only gets better from here on out!
Hey, another question.
Did your March go out like a lion or a lamb? Ours was “baaa-u-tiful!”
Mimi’s quote for the day –
menu take it or leave itfeather


21 thoughts on “A to Z – Crust

  1. I don’t remember with my own kids. My grandkids I cut the crust, not worth the fight and you are allowed to spoil grandkids. Personally my favorite has always been the end piece…love the crust.

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    1. I didn’t with my kids because they didn’t fuss plus as a single mom, my rule typically was “take it or leave it” unless they were sick. You’re right tho. Grandkids are a whole other matter. They can ask for anything and get it. 🙂 Spoiling is not only allowed, it’s fun!


  2. I am giggling as I read this. If my kid doesn’t want crust, let him remove it himself, and he’d better eat it later as I won’t tolerate waste from that kind of crankiness. My little neighbor hates her sandwich crust. I’ve taught her to cut it off and then smear it with peanut butter and eat it. She was like “Serously?” but hey, she does it now, so there. I find that customer you were talking about totally WTF.

    And if you think this is a long post… heheheh. Where would I stand?

    Hugs! Don’t worry about the rules. Ok I am preaching to the choir. Just enjoy the AtoZ. My D isn’t written yet.

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    1. I was a single mom and waste of food was definitely high on my list, “we don’t do that in this house.” I’m just curious where kids learn this whole crust thing from. Do they not like the texture or is it the taste or is it because their friends don’t eat the crust?? It’s gotta’ come from somewhere, right? – Okay. I’m heading your way to read you “C” post. 3 letters down, 23 to go. Woo hoo! 😀

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  3. Crust definitely!! I especially love the crust on homemade breads and on Italian bread. LOL on what would be your answer to the grown-ass woman, I am totally with you on that! I don’t have kids or grandkids (sadly) so I haven’t had to decide on cutting off the crust or not, but my inclination would be you eat the sandwich you are given. That’s the way it was when I was a kid. Nobody cut off crust for us and really why? To me, on some breads, the crust is the best part.

    March went out like a lamb here, although we’re expecting some cooler weather later this week. But I believe Spring is finally here, yay! It’s amazing how there really is a quote for everything! 🙂

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    1. I totally agree with you JLil. I suppose a lot of the way I was with my kids is because of the way it was with me when I was growing up but honestly? I’m with you. Crust on homemade bread or Italian bread, french bread… Lol.. Really is the best! – I’m happy Spring has arrived. It felt like it was going to take forever to get here! We’ve got a week of rain ahead of us and cooler temps but that’s fine by me. At least it’s not snow! 😀

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  4. The crust is the best bit, especially on a freshly baked loaf! I did cut the crust off Spawn’s sandwiches, but kids with autism are quite fussy about their foods (he once punched cheese because it crumbled) and the meltdowns when presented with them, were epic in their proportions.
    But If a kid threw a tantrum, I’d cut their bloody crust off, (whilst secretly wanting to cut them too) but that kid wouldn’t be invited back. Ask nicely though, and you shall receive. It just means more delicious crust for me to eat. (They NEVER go to waste)

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    1. Fresh baked crust IS the best! So, I have to know. What was it about the crust that Spawn didn’t like? My daughter didn’t like bananas because of the texture and still doesn’t. One of my sons didn’t like cheese because of the texture. It’s so weird to me. I think it’s because as a kid we weren’t allowed to say boo about what food we got served. Always to be thankful because there were always kids in some part of the world who had nothing. I really don’t know…

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      1. I definitely think it’s all about textures. My bro-in-law hates the texture of cheese and can’t even bring himself to eat a slice. But you’re right, growing up we were taught to be thankful for what we had. We couldn’t afford to throw good food away.


  5. We never had that subject come up. My kids usually ate what I put in front of them, I say usually because we did have a problem over red cabbage and what they referred to as ‘Hard Meat’ (roasts).

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  6. Crusts have never been an issue, although I often let the dogs have some pizza crust. They love it! 🙂 Better late than never, as they say. This challenge is a paradox. A real grind but still fun. Happy A to Z-ing!

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  7. I ate it but I was made to. I was told that all the best nutrients were in the crust. I don’t really like it when it’s toast though. That’s too dry.

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