A to Z – Birthdays & Babies

Seriously, folks, I had no idea that my 54th birthday would turn out to be my best birthday EVER! Not even kidding.
My oldest son and his family live back east so we Skyped on my big day, which turned out to be everybody’s big day!
wes seth jen baby facesI’M GOING TO BE A MIMI AGAIN!!!!
Needless-to-say, I am absolutely over the moon about this!
Their baby, my #4 grandbaby is due October 11th so I’ve got lots of baby sewing to do!
I still just cannot believe this amazing news!
dancing girl2Yep. This is pretty much me. I’ll probably be like this the rest of my life.
I hope you had a great weekend and maybe received some amazing news of your own. If you did, do share, because ya’ know. I’m a nosey bitch.

Any A to Zers out there??? Lookee, we made it to letter B! Go us!
Mimi’s quote for the day –
grandbaby bits of stardust


16 thoughts on “A to Z – Birthdays & Babies

  1. Congratulations, Karen! Wow. Expecting a baby/grandbaby is the most exciting feeling ever. There seems like millions of things to do! I am not a Mimi yet, but I am a grand aunt a few times over and loving it. Gosh, they grow up so fast it isn’t funny. It is like we blink and they’ve started school, blink twice more and college and leaving home. Ugh.

    Yep, indeed we made it to B. I am breaking my head over tomorrow’s post now. Love you! Hugs!

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  2. Karen/Mimi, I am so happy for you, what a great birthday present!! Grandbaby #4, that’s awesome! I love the photo of your son and his family too. 🙂

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