Most of you who are my regulars here or friends with me on Facebook know that I love my creepy crime shows and documentaries.
In particular, serial killers.
In particular, how to spot them BEFORE they become full blown serial killers.
According to all of the documentaries I’ve watched and most of everything I’ve read – years of reading and studying – there are two traits that are common in MOST, not necessarily all, serial killers.
1.) Animal cruelty.
2.) Arson.
There are other behaviors to be considered of course and an overall mental health check up wouldn’t be a bad idea but those two traits pop up on just about every serial killer out there.
So, here’s my thought.
If a child displays those two traits, and whatever else is needed to deem these children potential serial killers, why don’t we just chip them?
Seriously. I watched an interview with the mother of a serial killer and she told of her son setting his sister’s bedroom on fire at the age of 4 because he was mad at the sister.
The mom shared this story like she was telling you, “Looks like it’s gonna’ rain today.”
The mom goes on to say that as her son got older he would put puppies in a box and shoot them.
She said, “He was just a normal little boy.”
Okay, setting your sister’s bedroom on fire and shooting up boxes of puppies is NOT a “normal” little boy.
I’m sure chipping a kid is against a million and one laws in this country but if a parent was willing I don’t see why it couldn’t be done. You can put a chip in your kid’s tooth in case they get lost or taken. Put a chip in your kid before he ends up the one taking a child.

How much easier would it be for law enforcement to track and find a serial killer?
Little Johnny starts some fires and kills some animals when he’s 8 years old. Take him to the doc, get him evaluated and if all signs point to being a serial killer, get a chip put in him.
That way ten or fifteen years later when 30 women come up missing and buried somewhere in the desert outside of Phoenix the cops can check their serial killer chipped kids – now adults – to see if they’ve been in that area.
I think it would work.

What say ye’? Would it work or is it cruel and unusual treatment?
You know I wanna’ know your thoughts so leave ’em in the comments below.
Please, and thank you.
It’s a brisk day here in Boise. Seriously considering turning on the heat but nope. Not gonna’ do it. I agree with this Michigan mom, Autumn Brandon on Facebook.
I had a similar sticky note on the thermostat when my kids were growing up.
We’re supposed to have a wonderfully rainy weekend and I’m happy about that. I love rainy weekends where you can snuggle in and catch up on some reading, or at this time of year, snuggle in and watch – for me – a semi scary movie, very, very semi scary.

What are your plans for the weekend?
Staying in or going out?
Please share.
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TOUGH TITTY TUESAYToday’s ‘Tough Titty Tuesday’ features me.
I’m saying “tough titty” to myself.
Here’s why.
***I’m sick of this whole presidential thing.

***I’m sick of people judging me on my political choices. I don’t slam them for theirs. In fact, I couldn’t care less who everyone else is voting for. Or not voting for. Voting is a privilege in this country and I plan on taking advantage of it.

***I will NOT apologize for voting for Trump.

***Voting for Trump does NOT make me –
Trailer trash.
An inbred Jed cuz fucker.
A racist.
Or someone who is against women and trying to throw this country back 100 years.
I know what Hillary Clinton is bringing to the table. I’ve watched it for the last 8 years.
I’ll roll the dice with Trump.

***I saw people on FB bitching that there wasn’t a “Pray for Haiti” FB profile pic.
For fuck sake.
There’s an Asian aisle at the grocery store and a Mexican aisle too. I’m Italian. I’m not bitching about not having my own fucking grocery aisle.
Nobody said life was fair.
Not everybody gets a profile pic. Not everybody gets their own grocery store aisle.
Not everybody gets a trophy.

***I read a headline today that said some guy threw his mother out a window and then jumped down to beat her to death.
What the fuck is wrong with people???

***I’m sick of family members being assholes.

***I come to at least three, 4-way stops every day. Why don’t people know how this works???

***Why do the stores have to rush us thru every fucking holiday??? Can we get thru one without the rest of the shit being brought out?
Makes me want to become a Jehovah’s Witness. No celebrations. Not even your fucking birthday.

I could go on and on but ya’ know what?
Tough Titty to me because there isn’t a fucking thing I can do about any of this.
People are going to be jerks. Can’t change that.
What on this list can I change?
Pertaining to other people, not much.

Pertaining to myself.
This –
***Stop or cut down on reading/watching the news.
***Get rid of the toxic people in my life. – This is happening.
Most importantly –
I’m working on that one but you really almost have to rip your emotions and common sense from your heart and brain and walk thru life in a bubble being void of being human because inevitably, you’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.
***When the going gets tough say “fuck off” more often. Altho I can’t imagine saying it anymore than I already do.
So. This was a lit’l different take on ‘Tough Titty Tuesday,’ huh?
Sorry folks. Sometimes it is all about me.

Happy ‘Tough Titty Tuesday.’ Do whatever makes you happy and if some jerk crosses your path, tell ’em fuck off. It helps.
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Soooo, this is a real thing now.
No. Seriously. Real clowns. The fun kind – if there are such a kind – started this movement.
See. They’re having a march and everything!
Clown Lives Matter is a real thing now.
The whole idea of this just makes my head hurt.
Are people really this stupid???
And not just the Clown Lives Matter people but the other jackasses dressing up like clowns too!
What is the deal with these clowns??
It started with a report of clowns trying to lure kids into the woods.
Then clowns were being arrested for terroristic threats.
Then clown Halloween costumes were banned at some schools.
Then there were rumors of clowns being shot and real clowns being afraid for their lives.
AND THEN – Clown Lives Matter.
What is the end game here?
The real clowns, the fake clowns, the Clown Lives Matter movement.
What are people hoping to accomplish with this??
I don’t get it.

Are real clowns seriously comparing their “plight” with that of the Black Lives Matter movement??
Has there been even one – true – headline about cops killing clowns?
Has there been thousands of reported cases of clown on clown crime??
I’m gonna’ go with “no” on all counts.

Here’s the thing clowns. Before you get too caught up in this baseless movement of yours, remember this.
At the end of the day, you can always take off your clown shit.
Black people can’t take the color of their skin off.
I do NOT support the Black Lives Matter OR the Clowns Lives Matter movement.
IN OTHER NEWS – It’s supposed to be near 80 here today and even tho it’s a beautiful day and the outdoors are calling to me, I must stay on task and get my “to do” list done TODAY!
Car maintenance, errands, and laundry!
Hopefully, there will enough day left in my day to get out and enjoy one of the last warm days of the year.

I was happy to see that Hurricane Matthew has calmed down a bit. Not to say he hasn’t and still isn’t wreaking havoc down south but it could have been much, much worse and I’m thankful it was not. Fingers, eyes and toes all crossed that there isn’t a hiccup, a change of wind, anything that would cause even more destruction.

Here’s to plenty of sunshine, fleeting rains and calm winds ahead for the weekend.
Mimi’s quote for the day
Special thanks to Stephen King for intensifying my fear of clowns.


This blog post is brought to you by Hurricane Matthew.
I can confirm this satellite image of Matthew’s landfall is REAL and not photoshopped. Captured this morning during my weathercast. Freaky!
“LIKE” Matt Devitt WINK Weather for more pics! | Pic: Jennifer Morgani Creola

I suspected that photo was fake but according to the meteorologist, it is not.
Freaky is right!
It’s also scary!
I’ve been praying for the safety of all people in the path of this hurricane and hoping that the residents of Florida heeded the warnings and got out. I know people like to ride these hurricanes out. I don’t know why they like to do this because I can tell you the only thing I’d be riding is my vehicle to higher ground!
In the month of all things scary.
This by far, so far, has scared me the most.
I know it’s a late post but it was started earlier in the day and then, well, life.
Appointments ran long. People were jerks. Every road in Boise is under construction.
And I’ve got to get my quilts done!

I hope all of you are safe and sound wherever you are!
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This morning WAS chilly! It’s the first time I’ve thought about turning on the heat to take that chill off!
I won’t say “bbbrrr” just yet but I will say snuggly robe and slippers. Don’t get outta’ bed without ’em!
Oh, and pumpkin bread n’ coffee. It’s what’s for breakfast around here.
If you read yesterday’s post I mentioned that we would be going to the “Scarecrow Stroll” at the Idaho Botanical Gardens. Well, we kicked that idea around and decided we wanted to do a corn maze instead and ended up at ‘Linder Farms.’
This was our first time going and there’s a lot of kid stuff but we just wanted in the corn maze and pumpkin patch!
Here’s the map of the corn maze.
6 miles of trails! I don’t know how many miles we trekked but we were in that crazy thing for over two and a half hours! Not even kidding.
The first time you get lost it’s funny.
The second time, you’ve still got a smile on your face.
The third and fourth time?
Yeah. Not so much. If I’d of had a machete there wouldn’t be a corn maze left!

And speaking of left.
My kids thought it would be super funny to take off and leave me while they went in search of a “You are here” poster!
FYI, not the least bit funny.
This was my “You are here” spot! I’ve gotta’ tell ya’. Going thru a corn maze when you’re over 50 is A LOT different than when you’re a teenager! Holy cannoli!

Did I happen to mention there’s a bridge in this corn maze? A bridge you have to climb up, cross and then climb back down, on top of the 6 miles of trails???
I’m pretty sure the corn mazes growing up weren’t at all like this one.
What a workout! I thought I was just gonna’ stroll thru a lit’l corn field.

Yeah. Definitely not strolling, definitely not little but definitely a lot of fun.
I suggest laughing and cussing your way thru it .
It helps.
After spending over two and a half hours in the corn maze we were wiped out and decided we’d get  our pumpkins on another day. Climbing on a flatbed wooden trailer being pulled by some rickety old farm tractor and being jostled across a rutted field just wasn’t happening.
It really was a beautiful fall day tho and we really did laugh our way thru the maze.
We finished up just before we felt a couple of raindrops and ended our day with this.
Perfection. Thank you, Little Ceasars!
Oh. And by “we” I mean these two. They were my corn maze companions.
The kids who abandoned me!
I birthed the one on the right. He looks a lot like his dad.
When’s the last time any of you went thru a corn maze?
Was it as you remembered when you were a kid??
Did you ever get lost??
Please tell me I’m not the only one!

What’s on tap for youse guys today? Are you going any place fall-ish??
I’ll be sitting at my sewing machine putting quilts together and breaking only to do some visiting and reading of your blogs. I’m going to try and not look outside and see what another beautiful fall day is waiting for me out there because I really do have soooo much to do.

Happy Wednesday folks! If you can, if you want, get out and enjoy the day!
Mimi’s quote of the day – Corn maze specific and this would’ve been super helpful yesterday.



I remember when I was little our house would make sounds and every time I told my parents they would say, “Oh, it’s just the house settling.”
My parents were not coddlers. Once we reached a certain age there was no more whining to my dad. He was done checking for monsters under the bed and in the closet.
“But daddy, I heard something. Something’s there.”
His response? “Oh pig shit. There’s nothing there in the dark that isn’t there in the light. Go to bed.”
Au contraire mon frere.
Fast forward many, many years and now my nephew is living in the house. The same house. The house that was always “just settling.” Well, that “house settling” turned out to be some creepy little ghost girl that hung out in the hallway who was seen on several occasions by people who visited the house.

Makes perfect sense to me since every time I walked down that hallway I would always feel like I was being watched and many times I heard someone call my name but it was a man’s voice calling out to me. I always thought was my dad calling from the den but when I would go see my dad and ask him what he wanted he’d say, “I didn’t call you.”
“But daddy, I heard someone call my name.”
I’m sure you can guess what his response was..
“Oh pig shit.”
And that began a life time of living with spirits/ghosts hanging around me.
My question for you today is, do you believe in spirits/ghosts?
Have you ever had a paranormal experience?
Have you ever lived in a haunted house?

I used to think every house I lived in was haunted but now I just think I have these “people” from the flip side of life that attach themselves to me for whatever reason.
I’ve had encounters with my grandma, my uncle, my nephew and my dad.

I absolutely believe in spirits/ghost, altho I have to say, when I was younger I was somewhat obsessed with Harry Houdini and every Halloween I would light candles in my room and wait for him to return.
He said he would. He never did. At least not to me.

What say ye’? Are spirits real or imagined?
Is it the house settling or spirits settling??
Lemme’ know in the comments below!
Happy Tuesday! We’re off to the “Scarecrow Stroll” at the Idaho Botanical Gardens today.
What are all of you up to??
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It was a busy Monday for me. Seems everybody was having sales and somehow grocery shopping turned into Christmas shopping and then boom. The day is gone and I’m sitting here trying to write a post under the wire!
My post today is short n’ sweet.
My favorite, all time Halloween song that I’ve memorized all the words to since I was a kid and the song I sing along to at the top of my lungs whenever it comes on the radio when I’m driving.
The one. The only.

I LOVE this song and I hope you do too! It’s always fun to hear this time of year.

Do you have a favorite Halloween song?
I have to admit. There aren’t a lot of ’em out there but there are enough to have a fave.
So spill.
Even if you don’t have a favorite Halloween song, do you have a favorite song that brings back great memories of this time of year?
Cider mills, hay rides, apple picking, pumpkin patches..
Share your answers in the comments below!

Happy Monday to you all and here’s to a phenomenal week ahead fill with all things warm n’ snuggly – guys in flannel shirts.. –
(Oops, did I print that out loud??)

If nothing else. Get up and do a little mash..
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