F*ck It Friday

I’m voting for Donald Trump.
There, I said it.
Hello?? Anybody still there??

I’m voting for Trump because I absolutely cannot and will not vote for Hillary Clinton.
leaves barThe fact is, neither Trump nor Clinton should be President.
Trump has no experience and Clinton, to use Trump’s words, has only “bad experience.”
No fact checking necessary on that one. Trump is absolutely correct.

We fool ourselves if we think that it really matters who the next President will be, or the next one, or the next one. Our government is corrupt and our President is no more than a puppet on a string.

There is no way to absolutely pinpoint the when, where and how of our country becoming so disjointed and I often think that the only way to set ourselves aright is to get rid of every single representative  in our government at both state and federal levels and start over with a clean slate and a copy of our constitution in everybody’s hand.

Nice to dream, huh?
So here we sit with Trump and Clinton as our choices.
Which, with Hillary Clinton on the ticket makes it super easy for me.
leaves barI should explain.
My dislike for Hillary Clinton goes back to the Monica Lewinsky days and let’s just say, Monica wasn’t the only one left with a bad taste in her mouth.

When Hillary Clinton’s husband, our then President, publicly humiliated her and this country by NOT having sexual relations with “that” woman, Hillary had an opportunity to ditch that lying, cheating, bastard and rise up as a woman of strength, dignity, and self-respect but instead she chose to get out her guitar and sing a lit’l Tammy Wynette tune, “Stand By Your Man.”

Hillary, Hillary, Hillary… Surely that hard on you walk around with came with a set of balls.
Why didn’t you use them?
Was it because –
a.)  You loved yo’ man
b.)  You were thinking of your daughter
c.)  You were thinking our country
d.) You were plotting your revenge on the ‘ol hubs and come hell or high water you too were going to get your dick sucked in the oval office.

I’m gonna’ go with “d” on this one.

Just to be clear. This is not the reason I’m not voting for Hillary this is just the point and time my dislike for her was solidified.
My reasons for not voting for her are endless.
leaves barSo there you have it, folks.
I’m voting for Donald Trump.
The line to unfollow and unfriend me forms to the right.
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Since I missed ‘Tough Titty Tuesday’ yesterday I thought I would bring you ‘Whiny Ass Wednesday’ today.
You’re welcome.
leaves barSo Mayim Bialik of ‘Blossom’ and ‘The Big Bang Theory’ walked into a craft store to buy whatever bullshit she was buying for her kid’s birthday party and this is what she found to bitch about.
Not even kidding.

She claims, “I wasn’t 10 feet into the store when I was distracted by the music playing from the speakers. A woman with a beautiful voice sang, “Lord, you are the answer. Jesus Christ, you are the answer…”
Mayim is Jewish. Nobody cares.

She further states, “I was dumbfounded. I wandered aimlessly about for a second, not knowing what to do, and I finally found my way to the front counter where I asked for the manager.”
Upon finding the manager she questions the manager about the Christian music, blah, blah, blah. The manager tells her, “This is our playlist. This is what we play in our stores.”
Mayim Bialik’s response?
“I was shocked. I couldn’t stop my mouth from saying the words, “I don’t want to shop here,” and I stumbled out the door.”
You can read the whole ridiculous article here.leaves barThat should have been the end of it. Jewish customer walks into a Christian owned store, hears music that is offensive to her, she issues her grievance with the manager and she leaves.
Done deal.
Towards the end of her article Mayim states, “Maybe I should send a polite message to the local store and to corporate headquarters, and consider writing letters to the editors of local newspapers and doing posts on social media to let other secular shoppers know. But I already fear the kinds of reactions that this post will bring.”

What is with these celebrities and contacting corporate headquarters and whining??
Barbra Streisand did the same thing when she didn’t like the way Siri pronounced her name!
You can read my ‘Tough Titty Tuesday’ post on Babs, here.leaves barWhat’s most irritating about Mayim’s whole article is the pettiness of it and how she totally blows it out of proportion and ends up bringing in her black friends and the history of the Jews. For fuck sake. We get it. You’re offended by Jesus music. You did the right thing. You left the store. You’ll never shop there again.
Let it go.
Holy shit. Mayim Bialik is not only an actress she’s also a neuroscientist!
Seriously. Why did she come so unhinged? I don’t get it. You’d think somebody who’s that much of a brainiac could hold it together a little bit better and not have a fucking meltdown over the music played in a stupid craft store, which she didn’t name in her article but we all know is ‘Hobby Lobby.’
leaves barI get it. I don’t shop at Walmart because of the stupid, lazy people I encounter there but I don’t call up Doug McMillon and whine about it. Trust me. The President/CEO of Walmart knows the type of people he employs.

What say ye’? Have you ever been so offended walking into a store that you had a public meltdown and felt “dumbfounded?”
Weigh in. I wanna’ know your thoughts on this.

Happy Whiny Ass Wednesday everyone.
Please do find something to whine about today.

PS – This post inspired by JoJo over at ‘Tahoma Beadworks And Photography‘ who keeps me up to date with all things celebrity via her Facebook statuses.
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Happy Monday folks!
I hope you all enjoyed a fabulous fall weekend.
I planned to do nothing all weekend and that is exactly what I did and let me just tell you.
Purposely doing nothing is flippin’ hard!
My purposeful nothingness included a Netflix binge on ‘The Killing’ and eating way too much crappy food.
By Sunday I felt like a lump of nothingness!
leaves barI chose not to do anything this past weekend because –
a.) I have just gotten over some “bug” and
b.) Because it’s that time of year for me. From now until the New Year it will be balls to the wall all things holidays.
It’s my favorite time of year and also my busiest.
leaves barThe downside to choosing not to do anything all weekend is now it’s Monday and I have zero motivation and I do so need some motivation!
In short. I’ve got mountains to move!
I have 3 quilts to put together, 3 stockings to make and 5 scarves to finish up all before the end of Oct.. Seems like a long time but honestly when you add all of the day to day living stuff that needs to be done on top of these projects, it’s really not that much time at all!
leaves barIt’s time for me to turn up some music and get my sewing machine going!
My top tune to kick off my own personal
“Move That Mountain Monday?”
The song that always gets me moving…
‘Walkin’ On Sunshine’ by Katrina and The Waves!

leaves barHow’s your motivation today?
What mountains do you have to move?
How do you motivate yourself to move your mountains???
Tell me all about it in the comments below!

Here’s to a productive week ahead!
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DESERVING LOVE – #fridayreflections

Friday Reflections’ is brought to you by Corinne over at ‘Write Tribe’ and Sanch at ‘Living My Imperfect Life.’
leaves barPrompts for September 23:
1. What if toys had feelings? Write a post and get creative!
2. Describe a dream or nightmare you’ve had3. 7 favourite movies and why
4. “We accept the love we think we deserve.” – Stephen Chbosky Use this in a post or as an inspiration for one
5. Picture Prompt (courtesy of Corinne at ‘Everyday Gyaan’.)
promptfrcorinneleaves barGood Morning Everyone! Happy 2nd day of Autumn!

For my ‘Friday Reflections‘ writings today I’ve chosen prompt #4 from the list above.
Using the quote by Stephen Chbosky as a twisted sort of inspiration because, well, you know. It’s me.

PROMPT #4 – “We accept the love we think we deserve.” – Stephen Chbosky

We deserve the love we accept.
leaves barSorry. Couldn’t resist with all of the hooplah going on about these two. I didn’t even know there was trouble in paradise until I saw something on a friend’s page on Facebook, apparently days after the “breaking news.” – Moving on.
leaves barIN OTHER NEWS – I’m getting super nervous about the upcoming election. For me, it truly is choosing the lesser of two evils. Either way, I think they’re both loose cannons and we’re in  big trouble…

Meridian, Idaho’s Farmstead Corn Maze opens today and this year’s theme is Jimmy Fallon who actually gave a nice shout out on his show last night.
Here’s an aerial view. Interestingly enough they don’t have an aerial view when they’re planning it or cutting it out. Which I find absolutely amazing.
This is definitely on my list of “To Do’s” this fall.
leaves barIt’s another beautiful fall day here. I think we’re done with rain for a while and tho we desperately need it I am grateful for the sunshine. It’ll be dark n’ gloomy soon enough.

What’s happening out your way? Anything thrilling and spine chilling to report? Do you have any fall attractions you plan to visit this weekend or is yard work and winterizing in your future? I remember those days…

Here’s to a beautiful fall weekend for one and all. Get out and do something fun!
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Look It Up, Y’all!

Take note. This is the first and last time you’ll ever see anything with “y’all” in on my blog. Unless of course, I’m making fun of it.
Can we just all agree right here and now that “y’all” is not really a word?? I know it’s in the dictionary but in the year 2016, that means absolutely nothing because apparently, it’s a free for all of words now.
These “so called” words were recently added to the dictionary as well. It doesn’t make them “real” words either.
– Bestie, facepalm, feels, moobs and squee. –
At what point did slang become part of the dictionary?
leaves barI’d like to know who okays the words that get added into the dictionary and what are the additions based on? Social media? Television shows? Music? Frequency of use?
If that’s the case the dictionary will need to be broken down into volumes.
Real words, slang terms and trendy words.
I mean seriously. You’ve got to draw the line somewhere.
Are you really going to a job interview and saying something like…
Or what if you’re a guy and you go to the dr. and he tells you, “Lose the weight and you’ll lose the moobs.”
leaves barDon’t get me wrong. I’ve got nothing against slang. We all use slang words in this country but just because we use them I don’t think they aaalllllll need to be deemed “real” words and added to the dictionary?
Then again. Apparently, they do.
leaves barI must confess. My biggest issue with hearing y’all is that I associate it with a southern accent and I’m just not a fan of southern accents.  I have girlfriends in the south and their voices are lovely because they have the more genteel southern drawl, like that of Dixie Carter. Unfortunately, there are also southern women – not my friends – who sound like Miley trailer trash Cyrus and that is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

On the other hand, guys with southern accents? Reeaaallllly not a fan. Even tho I married a Texan once upon a time.  Guys with southern accents are like guys who speak French. There’s just something not very manly about them.

I prefer men from the east. I like New York, NJ, Chicago accents. Those are the real guy accents.
Of course, I could be biased because I have forever been secretly in love with Joe Pesci.
Whatever. Don’t judge.
leaves barIN OTHER NEWS – Fall truly is here, y’all! Complete with lotsa’ rain and cooler temps. Perfect days for reading and baking.
This is my current read.

And I did manage to get a lit’l baking in.
Delicious banana bread. Yum!
leaves barWhat about y’all?? – Just so you know, every time I type that I laugh. Sooooo not me. –
Has fall arrived in your little corners of the world?
What do you do on cool, rainy fall days?
Is anybody experiencing changing colors just yet? It’s the thing I miss most about autumn in Michigan. Leafy trees and all of those spectacular colors…
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DON’T LET THE BEDBUGS BITE #worldgratitudeday

Joining in with Corinne over at ‘Write Tribe‘ to celebrate World Gratitude Day.
leaves barThis is a tough one for me because I have SO MUCH to be grateful for!
To mention my children and grandchildren seems unnecessary to me because my gratitude for them is part of my very soul. They are me and I am them. Woven together in love and grace by the One that I am first and foremost, eternally grateful for.
This is a never ending circle of gratitude.
leaves barMy other family members and friends. Also unnecessary. I think of them and pray for them daily/nightly.
leaves barBefore I get out of bed in the morning I smile and say thank you.
At night, after my BIG prayers and just before saying the Rosary which lulls me to sleep I always snuggle in and thank God for my big comfy bed, my warm covers and a soft pillow on which to lay my head.
Seems silly I know but that’s my last prayer of gratitude at night.
I am grateful for my bed.
leaves barThe bed was invented many thousands of years ago and I am grateful for the progress that came to give me my bed with coil springs and lots of comfy padding. Mostly I’m grateful for not having to deal with bed bugs which, as you can imagine, were a HUGE problem when mattresses were stuffed with unsanitized feathers and hay. Thus, the phrase, “Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite.”
You can read all about the history of beds/mattresses/bedbugs here and here.
It’s actually pretty interesting but if it puts you to sleep, well hey, you too can be grateful for your comfy bed!
leaves barI hope this day finds you filled with gratitude and love.
I am grateful for each and every one of you who takes the time to read my words and leave me lovely words of your own.
I sincerely do thank you all.
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Not In My Hoo Hoo!

In my ‘I Blame Kindergarten‘ post I jokingly mentioned spraying your kid down with Lysol to keep germs at bay, and by “at bay” I meant away from me.
Apparently, way back in the day Lysol already had a similar idea…
Aimed at women… And is wasn’t for colds and flu!
leaves barUh. No! And eeewwwwww.

Really?? Ya’ know what else incompatible means? Fuck off.

Shipwrecked?? “Lysol has prevented many such tragedies??” Hahahaha.

Maybe YOU can plant one of those rationed kisses on my ass.

I think I threw up a little reading this one. The last Q&A is the worst.
“…and use every means in her power to remain glamorous, dainty and lovely to love.”
leaves barI really don’t know how women survived back then with ads like these. They’re so degrading and sexist. I would’ve NEVER gotten married.

Oh, but wait. Men used Lysol back then too.
Aw. For their sensitive skin..

I can think of another use.
Try putting some Lysol on those bad boys!
And PS – Um. Yeah. I’m pretty sure we  can all resist “schweddy balls.”
leaves barI know people say, “it’s just the way it was back then” but I don’t buy it. I think women are women and offensive is offensive. They knew it then just as we know it now.
But what could they do?
Back then the men were barely out of the caves and still thought it was okay to grab their woman by the hair and drag her home to cook and clean.
But apparently, no sex until after Lysol.

Kudos to the women who went before me and actually had to put up with this bullshit and lived thru it.
There is no way I’d be swishin’ my “hoo hoo” with Lysol just to have sex with some guy!
leaves barMimi’s quote for the day –
And if he tells you to put Lysol on your “Hoo Hoo” you don’t have to do that either.
leaves barfeather