My day yesterday.
Gmah2 calls me the other night. She desperately needs my help with a surprise wedding shower.
Gmah2 and I have been friends for over 20 years. Of course, I’ll help.
What do I need to do?
Hem some table cloths. – Check
Bring some ribbon. – Check
Bring some lace. – Check
You’ll probably need to bring your sewing machine “just in case.” – Check
Glue sticks and a glue gun? – Check
Gmah2 tells me she’ll pick me up in the morning, which she does. It isn’t until we’re driving past her neighborhood that I ask where the hell we’re going. “Oh,” she says. “We’re doing everything at Linda’s place.”
Perfect. I’ve met Linda once. I don’t know where Linda lives. Scratch that. I DO NOW!
Three words – This fucking heat!
Add to that, this fucking heat in the middle of nowhere fucking Idaho. Sitting in an old farmhouse with one teenie, tiny window unit AC.
Add to that, nearly 20 people mulling about and all of the body heat to go with ’em.
Add to that, walking back and forth to a hot ass, mofo, barn in the middle of nowhere fucking Idaho.
Did I happen to mention that I had on a dress and flip flops??

I thought I was going to Gmah2’s house. A beautiful house in the beautiful suburbs with AC that runs so cold you could hang meat. But no. I’m in the middle of nowhere fucking Idaho trying to sew, hot glue and decorate around 20 other sweaty fucking people. 20 other sweaty people that were supposed to be helping and ended up doing nothing but drinking soda and eating chips while Gmah2 and I did all of the work, in an old farmhouse with a teenie, tiny window unit AC that, FYI, I huff n’ puff out more air when I’m wiggling and wriggling into my sports bra fresh out of the shower than that thing kicked out on high!
Besides my hair and my temper, ya’ wanna’ know what doesn’t hold up in this heat? ANY decorations made using a hot glue gun!
In fact, I said, “I don’t think this is going to work guys. It’s too hot.”
“Oh no!” They said. “They’ll be fine, we’ll put them in front of the fans.”
“Okay, first of all, before these glued up, laced up ribboned up fucking wreaths go in front of the fans, my fat ass is sitting in front of one.
And second, no. No, they won’t be fine, ” I said. “No, they fucking won’t.”
SURPRISE! Me melting at a dining room table, sewing away with burnt fucking fingertips from the million and one itty bitty flowers and seashells I’d been gluing to wreaths all day and one by one I hear shit falling off of the wreaths and onto the floor.
Then I hear someone say, and I don’t know who said it because trust me I would’ve got the glue gun and glued their mouth shut..
“Maybe if we put them in the freezer.”
At some point some old guy, I guess he lived there. I don’t know. He yells out, “I’m firin’ up the grill! Who wants some hot dogs and burgers?” Seriously? It’s a million degrees outside. And everybody starts gathering up chairs and tables and then out of nowhere, enough food to feed a small country starts streaming out the door. I just want to die. I want a pool, a lake, a beach, my tub, my shower. SOMETHING!

I find Gmah2 and say, “Hey, looks like things are winding down. Uh, when are we heading out?”
– I didn’t take my vehicle. I should’ve taken my vehicle. I ALWAYS take my vehicle. Why???? Because of situations Just.Like.This. –
Gmah2 says to me, “Well, don’t you want to eat first? They made all this food.”
“No, Gmah2. I don’t want to eat. I want to jump in the nearest fucking lake. I want to pour a bucket of water over my head. I want to strip down naked and run thru the irrigation sprinklers. So no. No. I don’t want a fucking hot dog and warm potato salad and melted jello. I want to go home.” I said this as sweetly as I could to my dear, old friend. I even smiled. Sort of. It could’ve been a snarl.

My dear, old friend who knows me so well promptly turned around and gave a shout out, “Okay. Well, we gotta’ go. See you on Saturday.”
On the way home, Gmah2 apologized for not telling me ahead of time where we’d be, how hot the house would be, how many people would be mulling about in that old, hot house, and most of all for the shitty air conditioning. Had I known, I would’ve prepared differently. I certainly wouldn’t have worn a dress and flip flops! And, I probably would’ve said no.
On the way home Gmah2 also bought me a giant ice cream cone.
We’re still friends. Ice cream on a million degree day makes everything better.
Once I finally made it home I nearly dove into my shower and stayed under it until I was a shriveled prune. I got out, grabbed a huge glass of iced tea and this book. It was one of my “stuff a bag” library book sale books.
According to ‘Good Reads’ I started this book back in April. Makes sense. I’ve been busy. I’ve never read this author before but I do like her. She’ll be getting a 5 star rating.
And that, my friends, was my day yesterday. A great prelude into an early morning dr. appt. this morning.
What’s on tap for today? More iced tea. More reading and going, doing, ab-so-lute-ly NOTHING.

Stay cool my friends. Unless you’re in the middle of your winter right now. Then I wish I could send you some of this heat to warm you up!
The best part of my day yesterday besides spending time with Gmah2 was that not one word of politics was spoken and that was heavenly.
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I was looking for a Tuesday bloghop linky thing to join and yeah, there aren’t any. Let me specify. There aren’t any for me. All of them have that lit’l clause in their list of rules “must be FAMILY FRIENDLY.”
Well, first of all, as all of you know, Mimi is not a rule follower. The only rules I have ever followed in my entire life were my dad’s.
Side Note: Following the law is exempt here because following the law is not necessarily following “the rules.” Following the law is simply complying with the authorities that govern my state and my country. Thereby, I am law abiding, not rule following.
#piecesofme #reallifeshit – I’ve never been arrested and I’ve only gotten one ticket. Speeding (surprise!)
So yeah, no Tuesday bloghop/linkup for me. Instead I’ll share some projects I’m working on.
pghostDoing something fun with these lit’l ghost faces.

And these skulls.

And these trees.
Pics of finished projects to follow.
I made this Pokemon kiddie tote. No pattern. Just kinda’ winged it but it turned out super cute and I already have orders. Go me!My soon-to-be, daughter-in-law, aka, “Puzzle Girl” is making jewelry. She does a fantastic job. She works with puzzle pieces a lot because she is a champion of Autism Awareness and works with disabled adults. We’re going to try and swing a couple of craft show/festivals together this fall.Today I’ll be working with this fabric.
In other news – It’s really not news but unless you live in a cave. You may have noticed, it’s fucking hot out!
FYI, this is one of the many reasons I can’t do bloghops with rules. When the it’s fucking hot outside, I say it’s fucking hot outside.
I suppose I could reword it to something like, golly gee, it sure is warm out there but golly gee, it sure is warm out there doesn’t cut it when you step outside and melt into the concrete because why? It’s fucking hot out!
Mimi’s quote for the day –
Stay cool my friends!


I feel like I should be a magician on my blog.
Now you see me. Now you don’t.
I’ve delayed posting because I may be traveling soon and my travels won’t allow for regular blogging so I was going to wait until I got back. As of this post, it’s still up in the air, so here I am back at it in the off chance that my travel plans fall through. I suppose I could write some drivel and schedule posts for when/if I’m gone but pre-scheduled posting doesn’t work for me.
In the words of Julia Roberts in ‘Pretty Woman,’ “I’m a fly by the seat of my pants kinda’ girl.”
My friend “Frannie” said that I should write more of the real life shit that actually happens and not the fluff that I have been writing. So, ready or not, here are a few real life shit “pieces of me.”
My life as of late. Nothing earth-shattering. I do what I do.
Sewing, reading, writing, church on Sundays, meeting up with friends when all of our planets align, and lately, going to a never ending stream of doctor appointments.According to my oncologist, I am cancer free and should be for the rest of my life. – Go me! –
On the flip side of that coin is the thought, yeah well, 3 months before I was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer my primary doc gave me a clean bill of health but told me to quit smoking and lose some weight. So my current oncologist telling me that I should be cancer free for the rest of my life, meh, maybe, maybe not but definitely words of hope to hang onto. The reality is though, once you have cancer, every cough, every itch, every nap will unconsciously send your thoughts and heart racing back to, “what if it’s the cancer again?” It’s the nature of the beast.
Cancer will always be a part of me.
It will always be the boogie man hiding under the bed.
Other real life shit. Altho my oncologist says I’m cancer free I am not free of the side effects of my cancer treatment.I have chronic neuropathy in my feet which will keep me on the disability list for the rest of my life. It will never get better, only worse, which is somewhat frightening because at this moment I’d like to take a chainsaw and cut my feet off. Not even kidding. The pain is excruciating.
Tonight my feet are blocks of ice and numb until I stub my toe or bump a table leg, then it’s like you’re outside in the freezing cold, no gloves, your fingers are so cold they hurt and then you bump one? That pain? TIMES A MILLION. Throughout the day it feels like my feet are on fire and I’m walking on shards of glass and hot coals. There is no in between, it is always, forever will be, one or the other.

Neuropathy is the gift that keeps on giving and comes with side effects of it’s very own. Not only are my feet fucked up but also my back because with neuropathy you walk so cautiously favoring one foot over the other, or both, it throws everything off and your back does a lit’l twist n’ shout all it’s own. Back surgery is definitely in my future but not my immediate future.

I have an appointment with a pain specialist next month so we’ll see what he can do. None of the neuropathy medications on the market work for me and I don’t do pain meds because they have zero effect on me. Vicodin speeds me up and the rest are like taking Ibuprofen so I take Ibuprofen.
More real life shit? I’ve been diagnosed with adult ADHD. Shocking. I know. I also started therapy.
Apparently I have issues. Who doesn’t?
This is what therapy looks like most days.
Seriously. I got these on my first session and I use them a lot. In therapy, we chat and I color. At home, I color 20 minutes before bed. Supposed to clear the mind. It works.

We talk a lot about to toxic people and situations and the importance of eliminating both from my life. Fortunately, as I was weaning myself off a few they hurried things along by being assholes and eliminated themselves so yay, less work for me to do.
Whew. I think that’s enough real life shit for the moment. There’s other real life shit going on but it’s the same for everybody.
Politics, shooting, more politics, more shootings. I give up on all of it. It makes no sense.
Happy Monday folks. Here’s to making it through the day without shooting someone over their politics, their religion, who they love, where they live or how much or how little money they make.
When we were kids we all walked to school together. We sat and learned together, and at the end of the day we walked each other home and chatted along the way.
What happened to us?
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A lit’l late posting but it’s been a day of celebration for me and I just sorta’ got caught up in my own self-absorbed moment.
According to “the powers that be,” I have successfully jumped through all hoops requested of me and am now free to get on with the rest of my life.
Since I am so late in posting. I will simply share what my current, at this moment, life includes.
Yep. Snowflakes. I’m working on a project involving snowflakes. The weather outside might be frightfully hot but inside my place, today, it’s snowing!I hope today all of you have found something to celebrate. If not, take a deep breath and celebrate that.
I do.Mimi’s quote for the day –

FESTIVAL OF WORDS #5 – Write Tribe – Day 2

Last month, before I disappeared from social media lest my head explode from all of the negative bullshit going on online, I had written a post featuring my friend Dawn, the soap maker. You can read the post here, and you can read all about Dawn and her phenomenal craftsmanship over at her site, ‘Paisley Soap Works’ where, interestingly enough, you may also purchase her exquisite products.
And I do mean exquisite.
Shortly after my post about Dawn, I received a little card in my mailbox from the postman stating that I had a package to pick up. Of course, the postman has the handwriting of a serial killer so I had no idea who the package was from. I hadn’t ordered anything so I’m always a bit fearful that one of my fans ex-husband has sent me something that may or may not be ticking, and may or may not explode upon opening.
At the post office, I hand my orange lit’l card to the handsome guy behind the counter.
PO Guy – (With a great, big, cheery smile) “Are you Mimi?” 

Me“That’s me.” (No great, big, cheery smile. It’s too fucking early in the morning for great, big, cheery smiles.)

PO Guy – (Still smiling.) “Oh, we’ve all been waiting for you and now we’re all going to be a little sad.” 
Creepy. I’m not even at the counter five minutes and I’m thinking this whole visit has been ripped from the pages of the ‘Twilight Zone’ and I’m ready to stroll. Curiosity, however, gets the better of me and I wait for whatever comes next. You have to know I was half expecting confetti to start falling from the ceiling because this guy was acting like such a flippin’ weirdo.

Me – (Clearly confused and slightly irritated.) “Um, am I like the millionth customer to walk through the door or something? Cuz, I gotta’ be honest here. You’re kinda’ weirdin’ me out. Why have you all been waiting for me and why will you all, whoever “you all” is, be sad?”

PO Guy“Just a moment.” (Seriously thought the guy was going to dance his way to the back room and come out holding my package with jazz hands. Think Jack on “Will & Grace.”)  He disappears to the back of the post office and returns with my package and 3 co-workers in tow. – Not kidding folks. –
“Here you are.” – He glides the box under his nose and gently places it in my hands. IMMEDIATELY without looking at the return label I know who it’s from and I know why they were all waiting for me and why they’d be sad when this wondrous lit’l box left their back room.I kid you not folks. The smell coming from the box was like someone brought in a million bouquets of flowers mixed with the smells of one of those amazing lit’l new age shops that you might pop into for some essential oils or a deck of Taro cards, OR, some sensational, handcrafted soaps! Everyone at the post office was just absolutely gushing.
These are the treasures Dawn so generously sent to me.
The big box in the middle is a bar of the “Dragon’s Blood,” absolutely divine.. I have all of these in a basket in my bathroom and two steps into my front door, this is what you smell. It’s amazing. The soaps are amazing. Oh, and that bottle of lotion? That’s called, “Spiced Pumpkin” and it smells JUST LIKE a homemade pumpkin pie! Not kidding. I’m super picky about two fragrances, lavender, and anything pumpkin because NOBODY gets those two scents right when they’re making their lotions or oils or candles. Guess what? Dawn does.
I really can’t say enough about these soaps, lotions, and oils. What I can say is, if you’re looking for a quality product true to it’s advertising, reasonably priced, and you’re looking for something that smells and feels absolutely heavenly, ‘Paisley Soap Works” is where you want to make your purchase.
Again, you can order your handcrafted deliciousness at Dawn’s website, ‘Paisley Soap Works‘ or contact her via her ‘Paisley Soap Works’ Facebook page. And if you haven’t gone over and shown her a lit’l love by hitting the “like button” please do. We should all support our local craftsman and artisans. They’re a dying breed and we need to let them know we appreciate them.
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FESTIVAL OF WORDS #5 – Write Tribe – Day 1

This post is brought to you by ‘The Write Tribe Festival Of Words #5.’
Click on the photo to join in!
There’s no theme to this challenge so I’m keeping it light n’ easy. I’ve been gone a few weeks and while the world goes to hell in a handbasket around me. – Around us. –
I seek a glimmer of heaven at my sewing machine, in my books, my writing, and anything and everything that puts a smile on my face.
Here’s a bit of my heaven..
Sewing for my grand-Princess –

Sewing for the “Original Princess.”

Current Read –
A carefree story line. Nothing dark n’ negative. A wonderful escape.

Current Hulu addiction (sorry Netflix) –
I’m on season #9 – No spoilers please.

I’m constantly journaling…

And taking time to stop and smell the roses.

The roses are all gone now but I can hardly wait until next year’s blooms.
Such a wonderful park to have nearby.
In other news:
Our weather has taken a one day turn to the dark side. Rain, cold, gray, dreary.
I’m not a fan.
I’m still jumping through some personal hoops.
Key words – “still jumping.” – As long as I’m moving forward. I’m good.
I’m still sewing away at my machine and soon I’ll have some fall craft show/festival wares to reveal.
I’m also still a busy lit’l bee with my crocheting so there will be a few reveals there as well.

I hope wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you find a glimmer of heaven.
Look for it, seek it out and share it.
More heaven. Less hell.
Mimi’s quote for the day –