To all of you who celebrated, I hope you had a wonderful Easter. We actually ended up celebrating on “Good Friday” due to work schedules, which gave me a jump start on my oh so yummy peeps!
And then this took over our home…
Seriously, for about a week I’ve had two choices in life. Lay in bed all day like a festering bed sore in the making or prop myself up like a runny nosed couch corpse.
Just before the invasion of the “crud,” life was moving along pretty well in my lit’l corner of the world. Mz. Milclay treated me to a “girly day” and it was so, so, much fun! We went to lunch at a place I had never been to. A super cool place with great food but shitty service. Still, a great place all n’ all and minus one server chick, it’d be perfect.
The clam chowder was thick n’ creamy n’ delicious.

The fish n’ chips lunch platter looked great and was great – the second time around..
When it was actually served hot..
(This dining experience will be saved for another day when I feel like raggin’ on why I don’t tip shitty service.)
Then we went and got mani’s.
I chose purple for all things bright n’ cheery n’ spring-ish.
(So weird taking pics of your own hand..)
The rest of the day was all about shopping!
My favorite find of the day was this super cute, super fabulous, super shiny Jessica Simpson handbag that I absolutely LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!
I made the two little zippy pouches down in front and apparently channeled my inner 5 year old while making the one on the left. It’s a fun lit’l kite n’ sunshine applique that I created all on my own, no pattern, all free hand drawing.
– Patting self on back… – I love it because it reminds me of flying kites as a kid in the whipping Michigan winds, and that makes me smile.
Side note: Here’s a better pic of the handbag. It’s actually pink, not peach and I love how it shines. (Better lighting and no flash.)
I also scored some more material and yarn to add to my stash.
Can’t wait to get busy with this!
I worked on a quilt for the Humane Society and used one of the blocks that I screwed up on to make a mug rug.
mug rug And with the Boise Library having a HUGE book sale next week I decided to try one of those “turn a t-shirt into a tote” Pinterest posts. So I did and it works. I made this cute lit’l tote to haul some of the books I’ll be purchasing because yep, I’m a crazy book hoarder bitch.
book bagAnd my current WIP’s (works in progress) are…
A terrycloth beach cover up for my grand-daughter.

Fleece socks, just cuz’ my feet are almost always cold.

And the never-ending “ugly ass” crocheted afghan. I started this to use up all of the ugly yarn people would give me. Seriously. They’d hand me bags full of yarn and I’d look at it and think, “What the fuck were you making with these hideous colors??” And then I’d smile and say thank you and add another row or five to my “ugly ass” afghan. Now I seek out the ugly yarn because, well, the “ugly ass” afghan has sort of taken on an identity all it’s own and I’m hoping in the end, it’ll be like one of those stray pups you find, that are so ugly they’re cute? Yeah, I’m hoping that’s the outcome of the “ugly ass” afghan. Either way, it’ll be warm and big enough to snuggle in. That’s all I need.
Today, I feel a bit more human. The aches are still there and the stuffy/runny nose is never ending but no cough and no projectile vomiting, which is always a bonus.
This is SOOOOO me!!

Happy Wednesday folks. Be well.

BLOGGING FROM A – Z – The Theme Reveal Post…

I decided, given the name of my blog, to make the tagline of my blog, my A to Z Challenge theme.
“Traveling with one foot in heaven and one foot in hell.”

If you’re a regular to my blog you know that I can praise Jesus in one sentence and drop the “F bomb” in the next. Such is my life.

I named my blog “Angel Stew & Devil’s Brew” because it’s who I am, and maybe who a few of you are as well. I do my best to follow my God but then life, and people, and idiots, and.. Well, you see how it goes. I’ve got one foot in heaven and one foot in hell!
My posts during the challenge will be alphabetical short quips n’ quotes regarding
angels vs. devils, good vs. evil, shoulda’ done this but instead I did that.
Some will be angelic in nature, others, not so much.


And then life..

The angels and the devil battle it out on my blog with every word I write and some days, no matter how hard I try to soar with the angels that asshole of a devil just tosses up his pitchfork and down I go…

I’m really looking forward to this year’s challenge and I am determined to make it all the way thru! I’m mostly looking forward to making my rounds in the blogosphere and touching base with my faithful tribe members as well as finding some new kindred spirits to share a few laughs with, some creative “how to’s” and words of wisdom.

Shout out and special thanks to Arlee Bird and the rest of the A to Z team not only for this challenge but also for giving me 26 consecutive days to either polish my halo or sharpen my horns!


Reflections From Me

Joining in with the Facebook group, ‘Friday Reflections.’

1. Tell us about one of your grandparents.
2. Share your favourite TED video / talk and tell us why you love it so much.
3. Are you an introvert or an extrovert? How have you harnessed this in life and/or in what you do for a living?
4. What are your top life hacks?
5. Who or what inspires you?
Bonus VLOG prompt (for blog or your FB page) – In 90 seconds or less tell us / your readers about yourself.
I’ve chosen #1 – “Tell us about one of your grandparents.” I’ve chosen this prompt because just yesterday I canceled my subscription to after coming up empty handed once again. It’s a love-hate relationship I have with all of these genealogical sites because I think they’re hugely wrapped up in false advertising.
We’ve all seen the commercials, it looks so easy doesn’t it? Just type in a name of one of your ancestors and all of these lovely leaves – your family members – start popping up all over the place until, ideally, you find yourself staring at a lush, mighty oak on your computer screen. A limb by limb ancestral record, complete with photos, of all of your blessed loved ones from the great beyond.
Yeah.. Not so much. I’ve been an member off and on for years and still my paternal grandmother’s history remains a mystery!
I watch those shows, ‘Who Do You Think You Are?’ – And FYI, they’re never who they think they are… – And the other “sister” show, ‘Finding Your Roots’ and miraculously everybody finds their genetic back story. I’m convinced this is an option available exclusively to celebrities.
Seriously. Let a celebrity sit down to a computer – someone who can barely find the keys on the keyboard – and by the time they henpeck their grandma’s name in, boom! A whole tree unfolds.
False advertising.
I don’t know how many of you have tried “finding your roots” but it takes hooouuuuurrrrrs of searching. Despite’s extensive library of all things genealogy, for the non-celeb it can take weeks, months and years to find your ancestors, unless of course, instead of a family tree you have a money tree, in which case you can hire the pros to do all of the leg work for you because the leg work inevitably involves travel. Travel that will land you in libraries and courthouses across the country. Travel that will take you to old cemeteries and neighborhoods that may or may not exist anymore.
‘Who Do You Think You Are’ and ‘Finding Your Roots’ both make available to their “A-listers” sit down sessions with countless top notch historians. They get tours of their ancestors stomping grounds and access to rare books and articles regarding their ancestors. These options aren’t available to us common folk, unless of course, you hire the pros at a rate of $20 – $100 an hour, per and even then, there are no guarantees.
Out of sheer frustration, I have set aside my search for my grandma – for the moment.
Until I find what I’m looking for I will never stop searching, and all I’m looking for is a photo…
My grandma was only 29 years old when she died of diphtheria. She left behind my grandpa and 4 small children, ages 9 years down to 4 years. One of them was my dad..
My grandpa was so grief-stricken when his young wife died that he burned everything that had anything to do with her, including all photos. My dad, uncle and aunts relied only on their memories of what their mom looked like.
1.) Tell us about one of your grandparents
****According to 4 little kids left heartbroken in Chicago back in 1935, my grandma was tall and had long, dark wavy hair…
According to my grandpa, she was beautiful…