Happy Monday everybody!!
Kickin’ it old school…
Remember when we all first started blogging and we did these surveys??

A – Age = 52
Holy shit I’m old!

B – Biggest Fear = This…

C – Current time = 5 o’clock somewhere…

D – Drink of choice = Coffee, Java, Cuppa Joe, Jitter Juice!

E – Escalator or Elevator = Escalator! No.more.creepy.elevators!

F – Favorite song – ‘Everything I Do’ by Bryan Adams. It’s my kids’ song..

G – Grandma, Grandpa = All in heaven..
Grandpa (paternal) quote – “I wouldn’t leave a dying dog laying in a ditch.”
Grandma (maternal) quote – “If you can’t find a man with a million dollars, find a million men with a dollar each.”
(Angel Stew & Devil’s Brew.. It’s in my blood..)

H – Hair = Short n’ spikey. (See pic in sidebar)

I – Ice Cream = Superman!

J – Jelly Beans = My absolute fave??? THE BLACK ONES!!!!

K – Killed someone? = Yes.

Not as satisfying as the real deal but it counts.

L – Lemon or Lime = Lime.

M – Movie = ‘Serendipity.’

N – Naughty or Nice = Depends on who you ask and what I want..

Pretty much…

O – Oranges or Orgasms = Yeah.. Let me think about that one for a nano second.

P – Person who called you last = My little sister.

This makes me laugh..

Q – Queen = The one and only, my favorite of all time!

NO! Not this one. And FYI, I will never call him Caitlyn.

THIS Queen, the true Queen, the beautiful Queen I want to meet one day, with the handsome grandson that I’d want to have sex with one day if it wasn’t for the fact that I could’ve given birth to him myself..

R – Random fact about me = I’m a closet nerd and can’t read enough about quantum physics.
True story.

S – Song you last sang = ‘Only The Good Die Young’ by Billy Joel.

T – Treat = Fresh caught n’ canned salmon. Soooo delicious!

U – Underwear color = Invisible. I don’t wear ’em.
What? She doesn’t wear underwear, that’s disgusting…

V – Veggies = Avocado

Isn’t that the truth???

W – Weather = Fall has arrived and I am lovin’ it!

X – If you had x-ray vision what would you it for? = Um, hello, what wouldn’t I use it for???
Mainly I’d use it to see what’s under this suit…

Y – Yesterday = Memories…

Z – Zodiac sign = Aries

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10 thoughts on “OLD SCHOOL SURVEY TIME – ABC’s OF ME

  1. JoJo says:

    Great answers! I’ve never heard of superman ice cream but it sure looks good! Gonna have to look that up!!! As for avocado, that’s so right. Hard as a baseball then all of a sudden it’s turned to mush.


  2. Debbie D. says:

    Nice to know a little more about you, Mimi. Love the humour! 🙂
    Age is relative. I turned 60 in January and still have a hard time believing it. 😛 (In my head I’m only 35!) So, what does Superman ice cream taste like, anyway?


  3. Anonymous says:

    True SS answers!! And guess what?! We have superman ice cream here..something good filtered in from Michigan besides muah…=) Grand son loves it!


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