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Friday Reflections’ is brought to you by Corinne over at ‘Write Tribe’ and Sanch at ‘Living My Imperfect Life.’
leaves barPrompts for September 23:
1. What if toys had feelings? Write a post and get creative!
2. Describe a dream or nightmare you’ve had3. 7 favourite movies and why
4. “We accept the love we think we deserve.” – Stephen Chbosky Use this in a post or as an inspiration for one
5. Picture Prompt (courtesy of Corinne at ‘Everyday Gyaan’.)
promptfrcorinneleaves barGood Morning Everyone! Happy 2nd day of Autumn!

For my ‘Friday Reflections‘ writings today I’ve chosen prompt #4 from the list above.
Using the quote by Stephen Chbosky as a twisted sort of inspiration because, well, you know. It’s me.

PROMPT #4 – “We accept the love we think we deserve.” – Stephen Chbosky

We deserve the love we accept.
leaves barSorry. Couldn’t resist with all of the hooplah going on about these two. I didn’t even know there was trouble in paradise until I saw something on a friend’s page on Facebook, apparently days after the “breaking news.” – Moving on.
leaves barIN OTHER NEWS – I’m getting super nervous about the upcoming election. For me, it truly is choosing the lesser of two evils. Either way, I think they’re both loose cannons and we’re in  big trouble…

Meridian, Idaho’s Farmstead Corn Maze opens today and this year’s theme is Jimmy Fallon who actually gave a nice shout out on his show last night.
Here’s an aerial view. Interestingly enough they don’t have an aerial view when they’re planning it or cutting it out. Which I find absolutely amazing.
This is definitely on my list of “To Do’s” this fall.
leaves barIt’s another beautiful fall day here. I think we’re done with rain for a while and tho we desperately need it I am grateful for the sunshine. It’ll be dark n’ gloomy soon enough.

What’s happening out your way? Anything thrilling and spine chilling to report? Do you have any fall attractions you plan to visit this weekend or is yard work and winterizing in your future? I remember those days…

Here’s to a beautiful fall weekend for one and all. Get out and do something fun!
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Look It Up, Y’all!

Take note. This is the first and last time you’ll ever see anything with “y’all” in on my blog. Unless of course, I’m making fun of it.
Can we just all agree right here and now that “y’all” is not really a word?? I know it’s in the dictionary but in the year 2016, that means absolutely nothing because apparently, it’s a free for all of words now.
These “so called” words were recently added to the dictionary as well. It doesn’t make them “real” words either.
– Bestie, facepalm, feels, moobs and squee. –
At what point did slang become part of the dictionary?
leaves barI’d like to know who okays the words that get added into the dictionary and what are the additions based on? Social media? Television shows? Music? Frequency of use?
If that’s the case the dictionary will need to be broken down into volumes.
Real words, slang terms and trendy words.
I mean seriously. You’ve got to draw the line somewhere.
Are you really going to a job interview and saying something like…
Or what if you’re a guy and you go to the dr. and he tells you, “Lose the weight and you’ll lose the moobs.”
leaves barDon’t get me wrong. I’ve got nothing against slang. We all use slang words in this country but just because we use them I don’t think they aaalllllll need to be deemed “real” words and added to the dictionary?
Then again. Apparently, they do.
leaves barI must confess. My biggest issue with hearing y’all is that I associate it with a southern accent and I’m just not a fan of southern accents.  I have girlfriends in the south and their voices are lovely because they have the more genteel southern drawl, like that of Dixie Carter. Unfortunately, there are also southern women – not my friends – who sound like Miley trailer trash Cyrus and that is like nails on a chalkboard to me.

On the other hand, guys with southern accents? Reeaaallllly not a fan. Even tho I married a Texan once upon a time.  Guys with southern accents are like guys who speak French. There’s just something not very manly about them.

I prefer men from the east. I like New York, NJ, Chicago accents. Those are the real guy accents.
Of course, I could be biased because I have forever been secretly in love with Joe Pesci.
Whatever. Don’t judge.
leaves barIN OTHER NEWS – Fall truly is here, y’all! Complete with lotsa’ rain and cooler temps. Perfect days for reading and baking.
This is my current read.

And I did manage to get a lit’l baking in.
Delicious banana bread. Yum!
leaves barWhat about y’all?? – Just so you know, every time I type that I laugh. Sooooo not me. –
Has fall arrived in your little corners of the world?
What do you do on cool, rainy fall days?
Is anybody experiencing changing colors just yet? It’s the thing I miss most about autumn in Michigan. Leafy trees and all of those spectacular colors…
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DON’T LET THE BEDBUGS BITE #worldgratitudeday

Joining in with Corinne over at ‘Write Tribe‘ to celebrate World Gratitude Day.
leaves barThis is a tough one for me because I have SO MUCH to be grateful for!
To mention my children and grandchildren seems unnecessary to me because my gratitude for them is part of my very soul. They are me and I am them. Woven together in love and grace by the One that I am first and foremost, eternally grateful for.
This is a never ending circle of gratitude.
leaves barMy other family members and friends. Also unnecessary. I think of them and pray for them daily/nightly.
leaves barBefore I get out of bed in the morning I smile and say thank you.
At night, after my BIG prayers and just before saying the Rosary which lulls me to sleep I always snuggle in and thank God for my big comfy bed, my warm covers and a soft pillow on which to lay my head.
Seems silly I know but that’s my last prayer of gratitude at night.
I am grateful for my bed.
leaves barThe bed was invented many thousands of years ago and I am grateful for the progress that came to give me my bed with coil springs and lots of comfy padding. Mostly I’m grateful for not having to deal with bed bugs which, as you can imagine, were a HUGE problem when mattresses were stuffed with unsanitized feathers and hay. Thus, the phrase, “Sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite.”
You can read all about the history of beds/mattresses/bedbugs here and here.
It’s actually pretty interesting but if it puts you to sleep, well hey, you too can be grateful for your comfy bed!
leaves barI hope this day finds you filled with gratitude and love.
I am grateful for each and every one of you who takes the time to read my words and leave me lovely words of your own.
I sincerely do thank you all.
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Not In My Hoo Hoo!

In my ‘I Blame Kindergarten‘ post I jokingly mentioned spraying your kid down with Lysol to keep germs at bay, and by “at bay” I meant away from me.
Apparently, way back in the day Lysol already had a similar idea…
Aimed at women… And is wasn’t for colds and flu!
leaves barUh. No! And eeewwwwww.

Really?? Ya’ know what else incompatible means? Fuck off.

Shipwrecked?? “Lysol has prevented many such tragedies??” Hahahaha.

Maybe YOU can plant one of those rationed kisses on my ass.

I think I threw up a little reading this one. The last Q&A is the worst.
“…and use every means in her power to remain glamorous, dainty and lovely to love.”
leaves barI really don’t know how women survived back then with ads like these. They’re so degrading and sexist. I would’ve NEVER gotten married.

Oh, but wait. Men used Lysol back then too.
Aw. For their sensitive skin..

I can think of another use.
Try putting some Lysol on those bad boys!
And PS – Um. Yeah. I’m pretty sure we  can all resist “schweddy balls.”
leaves barI know people say, “it’s just the way it was back then” but I don’t buy it. I think women are women and offensive is offensive. They knew it then just as we know it now.
But what could they do?
Back then the men were barely out of the caves and still thought it was okay to grab their woman by the hair and drag her home to cook and clean.
But apparently, no sex until after Lysol.

Kudos to the women who went before me and actually had to put up with this bullshit and lived thru it.
There is no way I’d be swishin’ my “hoo hoo” with Lysol just to have sex with some guy!
leaves barMimi’s quote for the day –
And if he tells you to put Lysol on your “Hoo Hoo” you don’t have to do that either.
leaves barfeather


Remember that time I told you about watching an old game show episode from the 70’s/80’s and Monte Hall was a total dick to the couple because they were living together and not married? And how curiosity got the better of me and I had to stalk look up this couple to see if they made it, which they did and it was very cool because now they were grandparents???
You can read it here if you missed it.
Well. I did something similar watching one of my creepy crime shows.
leaves barWhen I sew, I turn on the creepy crime documentaries playlist on YouTube. I listen to them more than watch and all of the sudden I hear them mention Boise, Idaho.
I stop sewing and start watching. It was a horrific crime that actually took place somewhere else but the people involved had some kind of ties to Boise. Well, me being me. I had to know if this story, much like the game show people, had a happy ending for the girl who survived. Thankfully it did. She lives here in Boise! In fact, she and all of her sisters live here.
– And that’s as far as my stalking looking her up to make sure there was a happy ending goes. – But then I had an awful thought…
Psycho Hangman.
leaves barPsycho Hangman was born in Michigan. Psycho Hangman is like regular Hangman except all of the words are like straitjacket, murder, axe, knife, blood, zip ties, etc.
A group of us would go out to eat at some lit’l hole-in-the-wall, 24-hour diner with sticky cramped booths and paper placemats. Well, while we waited for our food we’d flip the placemats over and start playing Hangman. Inevitably the waitresses would pass by and try to hustle in on our game by shouting out answers. I’m like, hey, not your game. No shouting out answers. So, all of the games thereafter had creepy crime clues. Once the waitresses saw a few of the words they stopped butting in.
Mission accomplished and Psycho Hangman was born.
leaves barFast forward to Idaho. We still play this game. Now I’m wondering if we played it in a diner where maybe that girl from the crime documentary or her sisters may have worked! I would feel horrible if we left our placemat for all the world to see and one of them saw it!
What if our simple, lit’l twisted game served as some kind of trigger that caused some kind of mental distress for one of them?
Thus, the “death of Psycho Hangman.”
G_ _ _D   BY_    PSY_H_  HANGMAN.
Y_U’LL   B _   MISS_D.
leaves barBeing the bitch that I am I often don’t pause before opening my mouth and saying – or writing – something that may be potentially harmful to someone else.
But. Being my father’s daughter, more often than not I do pause.
I never intentionally hurt someone’s feelings unless I don’t like them. At which point and time I may give them just a little tongue lashing pop up side their head to let them know back off. Or, if they’re stupid and choose to continue on. I will shred them with my tongue and then they’ll back off.
Again. Being my father’s daughter. I also take no shit.leaves barMy point is this. We all go thru our days living our lives being our fabulous selves, and sometimes not so fabulous selves without much thought as to how our fabulousness or not so fabulousness affects those around us.
More often than not we don’t pause.
More often than not we should pause.
leaves barOne of my most favorite bloggers, Joe over at ‘Cranky Old Man‘ wrote a wonderful post about seeing certain situations from another’s perspective. It’s titled, “What If?” It’s a great read and you really should go over and read it if you haven’t already.
leaves barIN OTHER NEWS – I think I’m on the tail end of my “bug.” Yay! My right ear is still plugged up and I’ve got that whole drippy/stuffy nostril thing going on but for the most part the marshmallow head is gone. Our weather is cooperating with temps in the 80’s so I can sit outside and let the beautiful sunshine warm my bones.
My week ahead will consist in attempting to get back to normal and actually get some projects done!
I hope your week ahead is filled with much sunshine and please, remember to pause from time to time and pay attention to those around you.leaves barMimi’s quote for the day – leaves barfeather


I’ve been sick. It’s contagious. You can read about the inconsiderate asshole I caught it from here. And ya’ know, the more I’ve thought about it the more I’m convinced that we learned this inconsiderate behavior in kindergarten. Seriously.
I blame kindergarten.
leaves barSharing is a big deal in kindergarten. There was a whole list of things to share in kindergarten.
***Share your crayons.
***Share your paste. – I’m old. –
***Share your paints.
***Share the swings, the teeter totter, the jump rope. Your bat, your ball, your mitt.

Yeah. Thanks, kindergarten.
You should’ve had a list of things you DON’T share.

Here, let me help ya’ out with this one.
Top of the list????
***Don’t share your fucking germs!!!!
***Don’t share your cold.
***Don’t share your flu.
***Don’t share your diarrhea.
***Don’t share your ringworm.
***Don’t share your pinkeye.
***Don’t share your fucking lice!!!

I’m pretty sure parents everywhere would appreciate my list.
What they won’t appreciate?? Missing work to clean up shit and vomit from every member in their household including themselves!
leaves barFortunately, I think I’m on the tail end of this “bug.” It’s moved to my ears and I’ve still got one stuffed nostril and one runny nostril. I’m thinking about shoving a tampon up the runny nostril except what happens if I pull it out and then that nostril is all stretched to hell and doesn’t go back because I’m fucking old and your skin doesn’t bounce back like it used to in your 20’s/30’s??? Then I’m stuck with one big ‘ol, floppy Kevin Bacon, cannon sized nostril!
Not even kidding. Kevin Bacon has the biggest fucking nostrils ever.
See?? GIANT nostrils!
leaves barHere’s how you can do your part and not be an inconsiderate asshole during cold and flu/snotty “bug” season.
If you can, stay home and get yourself/child better.
Cover when you cough/sneeze.
Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands.
Make sure your kids cover when they cough/sneeze and that they wash their hands too!
It’s soooooo important.
Kids pass this shit around like it’s a joint at Woodstock! Everybody gets a hit whether you want one or not!

Schools and daycares are one giant petri dish of all things contagious.
I’m not saying spray your kid down with Lysol but ya’ know…. You spray them with ‘Off’ in the summer time..
It’s a thought..
leaves barMimi’s quote for the day –
I’m pretty sure Johnny was in the grocery cart the other day blowing snot bubbles. leaves barfeather


SIDE NOTE: I’m writing this in moments when I can breathe, my head isn’t pounding and I’m somewhat coherent and upright.

I’ve been a lit’l under the weather and I’m super curious to know how much snot the human head can produce because mine seems to refill itself every five minutes. Gross but not kidding.

Of course, I blame my illness on some idiot woman who coughed and sneezed her way thru the grocery store WITHOUT COVERING HER MOUTH  while her 3 squalling kids blew snot bubbles in her cart.

I went to the dr. the other day and sat in a room surrounded by more coughing, sneezing NON-COVERING people and found out it’s just a “bug” that’s going around.
I hate being sick and pretty soon I know I’m going to be one of those weirdos out there walking around in a mask because some dumbass doesn’t know how to cover their fucking mouth and wash their hands!
leaves barThe doc gave me the standard, plenty of fluids and rest speech for “the bug” and then prescribed two other meds not related to “the bug.” I am so attempting to avoid one of those weekly pill holder things and I’m a little disappointed that my dr. is not helping me with this goal. In her defense, she may be focused on other goals for me so I’ll give her a pass.
For the moment.
leaves barMy baby boy turned 23 on Tuesday. Not entirely sure where that time went…
Such a great guy. I just love him so much and am super proud of the young man he has become.
Here’s a pic of him from earlier this summer (on the right) when he and his fiance’ went on a scavenger hunt all thru Boise to meet one of his favorite actors, Aaron Paul from ‘Breaking Bad.’
Happy Birthday “T-Bone.”  #GreatSmile  #NoBraces
leaves barI’ve been trying to catch up on all of your blog posts which is a huge plus for me because it keeps me upright and I don’t get swallowed whole by my marshmallow head. The downside to this is of course. I have marshmallow head and medicine head so I tend to nod off or find myself rereading simple words like “the” and “what.” I appreciate your patience as I make my rounds.leaves barI finally finished ALL seasons of CSI. So disappointing. So many story lines left undone. I suppose they do that so they can do reunion shows or whatever but if there aren’t going to be any of those. The ending of CSI just blows.

I’m currently catching up on ‘Cedar Cove’ and barely making it thru because of the atrocious acting of one of the lead characters but hopefully, his leading lady will fall in love with someone else and he’ll be gone. I don’t mind horrible actors in minor roles but if you’re the lead guy you should be able to act. – Just my opinion.
leaves barThey’re redoing our parking lot and parking stalls and holy hell! The never-ending sound of their rigs backing up, BEEP, BEEP, BEEP makes my head want to explode. They start at 8am and finish at 5pm. THEN, once they’re done repaving, they’ll be seal coating. Ugh. The smells, the sounds, AND having to park all the way on the other side out at the main road. I’m sure I wouldn’t care quite so much if I wasn’t a bitchy sick person.

I have a few crafty things I’m working on but I’m too wiped out to take pics at the moment, so, another day then.

I hope all of you remain healthy and that you catch none of the “bugs” that may be going around in your area. Michigan is super cool. One of their news channels just posted a list of “bugs” going around out there. I wish Idaho would do the same. It’d be nice to have a heads up on this crap.
Be well my friends!
If anybody needs me I’ll be following Mimi’s quote for the day.leaves barleaves barfeather


First the coffee and the food.
Then the dishes that accumulated late into the night.
Then combing Pinterest to find a new pumpkin recipe for this season.
And last but certainly not least. While whatever pumpkin deliciousness is baking. I will be quilt making! Yeah. I know that rhymes. I’m cool like that.
leaves barCoffee and food – check.
Pumpkin recipe – nope
But this…
Sour Cream Apple Bars‘ = DELICIOUS!!
Click on the link and the recipe is yours to enjoy too!
apple1AYou’re supposed to let them cool but um, yeah. Not in this house.
First seasonal baking of the year – CHECK!
leaves barGot the car back today. Yay! No cab service needed our mechanic brought the car to us. Such a nice, nice guy and he always goes above and beyond the initial repair. The brake line, new brakes, bleeding the brakes, checking all the fluids, fuses, etc., only $125 for parts AND labor. What a guy! – Coolest thing about him? He’s Egyptian. Like straight from Egypt. I just love him.
leaves barWhenever I can, I like to do this lit’l thing called “Jew Boise.” Which is simply getting the best deal of the day I can find. Like a great seven dollar dress or a super cute shirt on clearance for three bucks. Well tonight my “Jew Boise” find was at the grocery store Albertsons using their ‘Just for U’ app.

You can read all about it here if you live in a state that has Albertsons stores. It may just be an out west thing.

I bought $57 dollars worth of groceries and only paid $35 dollars using their app. PLUS, I got ten cents off per gallon of gas at Chevron. Needless-to-say, I LOVE this app. I tend to stick to one grocery store when I shop – Winco – because Albertsons can get pricey but when they have sales. they have great sales and this app is a money saver.
leaves barI never did get around to my quilting. I’ll get back to it on Monday.
Tomorrow is a special day for us Catholics.
Mother Teresa will become St. Mother Teresa of Calcutta tomorrow. I’m super excited about this and am so happy for her much deserved sainthood. What a blessed woman she is indeed.
leaves barIt’s Labor Day weekend. Did you venture out or have a “stay-cation?”
BBQ’s, camping?? What’d everybody do??
Without my wheels I was housebound but tomorrow is church, the balloon fest and heading up to the mountain trails and maybe over to Oregon. Who knows where the road may lead.
I feel so fortunate that I actually live in my vacation.

I hope whatever you’re doing, you’re having fun and spending time with those you love making memories to keep you warm n’ toasty through the long winter ahead.
Ready or not. Those “ber” months have begun folks…
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Here in Idaho when it rains, it sprinkles. – For about a minute.
And that’s all we got today was about a minute of sprinkles. Boo. Now it’s nothing but gray skies, which today aren’t bugging me so much because I woke up sooooo stinkin’ tired this morning and no matter how much coffee and iced tea I drank I was still tired.
leaves barBUT WAIT!
Boom. Just like that, all of the caffeine decides to work and here I am, 11pm. WIDE AWAKE!
True story.
leaves barThe highlight of my day and the only reason I put a bra on today – seriously – was getting the car into the shop. Actually getting the car into the shop wasn’t the highlight, trying to get an Uber to get home was.

Have any of you ever used the Uber service? It’s an alternative cab service. It’s an app for your phone and you can read all about it here.
I would tell you all about it myself except OUR DRIVER NEVER SHOWED! Not even kidding. We waited almost an HOUR for NOBODY!
uberOf course, it was at precisely this moment that I needed to find a bathroom and nope, not one business around that had a public restroom.
– We (“Puzzle Girl” and I) were only dropping the car off. The shop wasn’t open. –
We ended up walking to a grocery store which thankfully did have a public restroom.
We did a little shopping and then called a cab.
leaves barI have to tell you, I was pleasantly surprised. The cab was clean and our driver wasn’t a serial killer although I suspect he fancied himself a pop singer… He had a sign on the dash that read, “Singing is allowed and encouraged.” I’m pretty sure that was meant for him personally because he sang along to the radio the whole way home. Not gonna’ lie, it’s kinda’ weird being in a vehicle with someone you don’t know who’s singing along to the radio with full lung power. It was sorta’ like our own personal version of ‘Carpool Karaoke’ minus James Corden and any celebrity passengers.

I was super surprised at the fare! In Michigan, you can’t get anywhere in a cab for under twenty bucks. Boise fare? Eight bucks WITH a tip. How crazy is that?? I wouldn’t go so far as to say I’d take a cab everywhere for that price but hey when you’re in a pinch. It’s a nice, affordable option. At least in Boise.

ME BEING ME MOMENT – I did survey our driver from head to toe for identifying scars and tattoos. I checked for escape routes as soon as I got into the cab and I made sure there were door handles and functioning locks. I cracked the window just in case I had to kick it out and had 91 already dialed into my phone with my finger ready to press the last 1 if need be.
Shake your heads and laugh. I watch those creepy crime shows. They won’t take me without a fight!
leaves barThen, it being boy child #3’s birthday month… When we got home “Puzzle Girl” decided to decorate for his favorite holiday too. (I helped a lit’l bit.)

spiderweb lightThat candle makes the whole apt smell like you’re walking through an apple orchard. I’ll be going back and buying a case of those!  The spiderweb light? Just cool.
leaves barOkay. Well. That was my day in a nutshell. Now I’m off to go read about some of your days.
Anybody else excited for the upcoming holidays??
Which one is YOUR favorite?
Mine’s Christmas. Halloween is a very close second.
leaves barMimi’s quote for the day –
taxi quoteleaves barfeather