A to Z – Geez…

More specifically-

Geez O Pete
TRANSLATION: An exclamation similar to “Goodness Gracious.”
Presumably, this term is related to Jesus and St. Peter.

Who knew? This is not at all what my “G” post was going to be about but whilst scanning Google for an appropriate meme I came across this lit’l gem of wisdom and thought I’d share.
Is the saying “Geez O Pete” really just a Michigan thing?
Please weigh in with your answers because I’m pretty sure it’s not but what do I know?
My real “G” post was going to be, “Geez O’ Pete” is that big ‘ol preggo giraffe EVER going to have that baby giraffe??? I’ve read that giraffes stay pregnant for close to 15 months. NO THANKS! I’ve tuned into the giraffe cam once or twice and it was like watching paint dry or the grass grow. For a while, I thought it was just a big ‘ol internet April Fool’s Day joke but it’s been going on and on and on and apparently, it’s the real deal. Criminey…

For those of you interested in watching the nothingness – at the moment – of ‘April the Giraffe’ NOT giving birth, here’s a link.
As predicted by our sometimes right, most of the time wrong, weather guys, we actually did have steady rain today and it is a little more than chilly. I could almost turn the heat on but I won’t. Just gonna’ wear sweaters n’ socks n’ fuzzy slippers, drink lots of hot coffee and snuggle with the pup.
I actually spent very little time snuggling under the covers today altho Netflix was on all day. Mostly I played with my girly toys and made more personalized mugs, wine glasses, and t-shirts. I’ll post some pics when I take some. I think tomorrow I will work on totes.

IN OTHER NEWS: – Just when I was looking forward to eating more salad…
“Two people were recommended for post-exposure rabies treatment after a consumer in Florida reported finding a dead bat in a packaged salad mix, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said Saturday.”
You can read all about it, here.

Happy Saturday folks! Enjoy!
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A to Z – Friday Fri-yay!

When the A to Z letter ‘F’ actually falls on a Friday…
I don’t know about all of you but I am so ready to just veg out this weekend. I might play with my girly toys but more than likely I’ll just be veggin’ and doing some kind of Netflix marathon. I don’t know if it’s the damp, chilly, rainy weather that’s making me want to curl up under the blankets with my pup and a giant cup of tea or the late nights I’ve been keeping playing and creating.
Whichever, whatever.
This will pretty much be my weekend.
It’s too bad today’s letter wasn’t ‘T’ because my word would’ve been “T-bone.” Four times people turned so close in front of me that seriously if I hadn’t had my eyes glued on the road I would’ve totally t-boned them! All I could think was, thank God I’ve got good tires and breaks, and yet, the jugheads pulling out in front of me don’t know that. Much like I didn’t know if the car coming up behind me had good tires and breaks when I had to stop on a dime. It always amazes me the risks that people are willing to take on the road. Just dumb.
Okay. My eyes are getting ready to slam shut. It’s just been that kind of a day. I hope I’m not coming down with something because that would totally suck. I was sick enough this past winter. I don’t need any spring time crud.

Happy weekend to you all. If it’s sunny and warm where you are I hope you’re able to get out and enjoy it. If it’s going to be rainy n’ chilly like here, and you decide to snuggle in and veg. I wanna’ know what you’re watching or reading. I think my Netflix marathon will be the ‘Gilmore Girls.’ Something light n’ easy…
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A to Z – Delivery

D is for delivery as in the delivery of my birthday present courtesy of an Amazon gift card given to me by my youngest and his girl.
It’s a heat press and it goes hand in hand with the Cricut these same wonderful children gave to me for Christmas. Basically, for those of you who may not know, the heat press will allow me to personalize many, many things. T-Shirts, clothing, baseball caps, handbags, pillows, quilts… The list goes on and on and I’m super stoked about all of the possibilities.

I have to say tho. With the arrival of this new toy, I think I am set on craft projects for the moment. Between the heat press, the Cricut and sewing my crafting calendar is full!
We had a beautiful 70-degree day here and now we wait for the rain and that’s okay. With any luck, the vinyl I ordered online will be in and I’ll be making t-shirts and tote bags! And gifts for all occasions!
I’m trying not to get too immersed in the news lately but holy smokes. I’m praying for those affected by the chemical attack in Syria. And because I don’t know a whole lot about it. I won’t say any more. Just sending prayers and as always, praying for our President and all world leaders, and for peace. I mean we’re all in this together, right?

Here’s to a peaceful weekend ahead for you and yours.
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A to Z – Crust

Okay, first of all, seriously, there really is a quote for everything.
Second, a late post but I’m still getting it in because I will not be defeated by the A to Z Challenge!
Third, crust, or the objection thereof, is seriously one of my pet peeves.
I totally witnessed this the other day at the store.
A grown ass woman standing at the deli asked the deli lady if all of their sandwiches had the crust on them. Not even kidding. The deli lady very politely explained that all of their sandwiches are pre-made, ordered in bulk and come with the crust on. The grown ass woman gets pissed and says, “I guess I’ll have to go to a real deli then.” And off she went in a huff.
Here’s how that scenario would’ve played out had I been the deli lady.
Grown ass woman – Do all of your sandwiches come with crust on them?
Me – Um, yep. As you can see our sandwiches are not wrapped in steel. They are wrapped in plastic wrap, plastic wrap that you can see through. So yes. Yes, all of our sandwiches do come with the crust on them.
Grown ass woman – I guess I’ll have to go to a real deli then.
Me – Well I guess you will. A real deli that doesn’t happen to be in the middle of an Albertsons’ grocery store!
And PS honey. You’re a grown ass woman. Not a five-year-old.
Clearly, I do not play well with others.
I’m guessing this whole “I don’t like the crust” thing starts in childhood, at least I’m hoping it does…
My kids never fussed about the crust on their sandwiches but they did ask for them to be cut into “butterflies.”
– Corner to corner at all corners. –
I did, however, witness other kids fussing about the crust on their sandwiches. They’d whine for their moms to cut it off and seriously, a couple of the kids had total meltdowns that the crust was even on to begin with!
So, here’s my question to all of you.
Crust or no crust on sandwiches?
If a little kid was at your home eating a sandwich and threw a fit about having crust on his/her sandwich would you cut it off for them?
I seriously want to know.
A busy day makes for a long day which makes for a late post. I hope you’re all enjoying your week thus far and that it only gets better from here on out!
Hey, another question.
Did your March go out like a lion or a lamb? Ours was “baaa-u-tiful!”
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A to Z – Birthdays & Babies

Seriously, folks, I had no idea that my 54th birthday would turn out to be my best birthday EVER! Not even kidding.
My oldest son and his family live back east so we Skyped on my big day, which turned out to be everybody’s big day!
wes seth jen baby facesI’M GOING TO BE A MIMI AGAIN!!!!
Needless-to-say, I am absolutely over the moon about this!
Their baby, my #4 grandbaby is due October 11th so I’ve got lots of baby sewing to do!
I still just cannot believe this amazing news!
dancing girl2Yep. This is pretty much me. I’ll probably be like this the rest of my life.
I hope you had a great weekend and maybe received some amazing news of your own. If you did, do share, because ya’ know. I’m a nosey bitch.

Any A to Zers out there??? Lookee, we made it to letter B! Go us!
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A to Z – Away

I’ve been away but now I’m here
Thanks to Vidya who kicked my rear!
I don’t have a theme, I don’t have a clue
But I’m happy to be here and I hope you are too!
Seriously. I needed that kick in the pants from Vidya. I really wasn’t going to do the A to Z so this is really a last minute thing. I suppose “Fly By The Seat Of My Pants” will be my theme.

I know I’ve got lots of catching up to do so I will be making the rounds. It really is good to be back. Now let’s hope I can make it from A to Z!
Special shout out and a great big Thank You to Vidya who blogs over at ‘Vidya Sury, Collecting Smiles.’ She’s amazing and you really should go check her out.
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